CultureHaus and the Denver Escape Room

What a fun night! On Thursday night, April 23rd, Denver's CultureHaus Out & About, a social group from the Denver Art Museum, took a group of friends on an adventure to Denver Escape Room, and my group almost won. Denver Escape Room is an immersive team game that challenges your abilities to work together to solve a puzzle. What's the puzzle? You're locked in a room and you have to solve the clues to work your way out. Well, not really locked, that's not safe. Normally you would be doing this with people you know, (assuming you book something with your friends or co-workers). Try doing this with seven strangers you just met that night.   

It all started with happy hour at Meadowlark Kitchen at 2705 Larimer St. in Denver. We gathered there for drinks to start off the night. After getting properly lubricated, the group boarded a charter bus where we enjoyed beers from my favorite brewer, Odell Brewing Co (I'm quite partial to their 90 Shilling). The bus took us up to Nothglenn where Denver Escape Room is located at 11674 N Huron St, Ste. 300. Upon arriving, we were debriefed about the rules of the game and then we were led into each of the three rooms in groups of eight.

I decided to wait and let most of the other participants go through the game first. While I waited my turn, I enjoyed some good food and more 90 Shilling (there were other Odell Beers there, but like I said, I'm partial) while the group got to know one another.

When my turn came up, I was jumping with anticipation. I like puzzles and I'm a very logical person. The room we were put into is called White Lie (if you want a synopsis of the scenario, visit the Denver Escape Room home page). My method when I got into the room was to assess the room and understand what was there. At first, the group frantically searched for clues with a plethora of ideas coming all at once. Eventually, one of us understood a clue and progressed the group a little further. The progress honed our attention and we began working more as a cohesive group. Unfortunately, our time was cut short because our bus had to leave back to Denver. Another 10 minutes, and we would have solved the room. 

It was an amazing night with some great people. I highly recommend you book an evening with your friends or coworkers.